MyFrog is another really fun game that pits players against each other in a world where its eat or be eaten, you start as a small tadpole and as you grow more you begin to look more and more like a frog.

    Your frog is controlled with your mouse, you can also use left click in order to make your frog boost forward/ leave lily pads behind you.

    Your objective is to survive as well as grow to be the biggest frog you can be, everyone else will be trying to do the same however so trust no one! This game is a free for all so it is recommended that you take out anyone that has collected a decent amount of mass that you can add to yourself. When you boost forward you leave behind you a trail of lily pads, these are similar to other games that use body collision to kill opponents as if anyone crashes into them they explode and drop the food they had collected. Be aware that this food is available to anyone to pick up so other frogs may come and try to steal your hard earned edibles.

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