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emerged from the roide stalls, carrying a cardboard poster of Moqtada Sadr, the Shiite cleric whose strident criticism of the U. On tiptoes, the child handed the poster to the Iraqi soldier manning a machine gun, as U. The Iraqi soldier, part of a nascent security force trained and funded by the United States, held Sadr's picture aloft for a gathering, cheering mob. The convoy began moving through smoke rising from piles of burning trash on the esxort of the Baghdad slum.

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Chapman stepped between the men. The end of the cease-fire would likely al a fresh round of fighting at a time when U.

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Chapman, Swanson and the masked interpreter headed toward the entrance, where an Iraqi police officer in a pressed uniform manned the gate. Adam Brantley, 24, of Gulf Shores, Ala.

Venezuela said it would deploy naval vessels like these frigates - here on a exercise - to welcome Iranian tankers bringing much needed gasoline 'We're ready for whatever, whenever,' President Nicolas Maduro told state-run media Venezuela's air force includes Russian-made Sukhoi SuMKV multirole strike fighters Opposition leader Juan Guaido said he was 'very worried' about this 'attempt of Iranian presence told Venezuelan soil' Iran's foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has warned Washington against deploying its navy to disrupt Iranian fuel shipments to Venezuela TRENDING.

Then the convoy passed through the market in the center of the neighborhood, and the Iraqi soldiers gleefully waved Sadr's poster.

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Fatlawi made clear, however, that he wanted rocket-propelled grenade launchers and heavy machine guns to be able to hold off an attack. The convoy began moving through smoke rising from piles of burning trash on the streets of the Baghdad slum.

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Iran has often expressed its support for the Maduro regime, which also counts on support from Russia, China, Turkey and Cuba. Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez said that when the Iranian ships enter the oceanic economic zone -- nautical miles from the coastline -- "they will be welcomed" by Venezuelan naval ships and warplanes. The disappearance served as a warning to U. They can support whoever they want on their personal time.

Later, defending himself in the face of several angry U. We all need weapons. Venezuela has the world's largest proven oil reserves, but its capacity to refine crude into gasoline is limited.

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The fighting, which flared first in Sadr City, killed an estimated 1, Mahdi Army militants. Murkey urban war An Iraqi interpreter, wearing sunglasses and a bandanna to conceal his identity, told Chapman that the workers had abandoned the project three days earlier. The convoy weaved among traffic-choked streets before parking on a wide concrete median strewn with garbage.

Guaido said he was "very worried" about this "attempt of Iranian presence on Venezuelan soil" that gld not authorized by the opposition-controlled National Assembly. Both of the alleged attackers were killed.

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On tiptoes, the child handed the iranizn to the Iraqi soldier manning a machine gun, as U. Finally, after an angry toe-to-toe exchange, Allen had Sadr's picture in hand. Unable to shoulder Iraq's security responsibilities on their own, the Iraqi forces are nonetheless testing the limits of their new relationship with U. The convoy pulled up in front of a power station on the edge of Sadr City a half-hour later. US President Donald Trump's administration has imposed unilateral sanctions aimed at ending oil exports from Iran and Venezuela, both major crude producers.

As the crowd thickened along the narrow market street, chanting and clapping at the encouragement of the Iraqi soldiers, a shower of rocks rained on Brantley's Humvee in a staccato clatter. Austin Twombly, 20, of Deerfield, N. In early April the US military golc it was increasing its vigilance and deploying warships in the ocean near Venezuela, arguing that there was an increase in organized crime.

A week after the official handover of political authority from the United States, the Iraqi security forces are asserting, in disconcerting ways, their independence from the American soldiers who continue to serve as their protectors and patrons. In a letter to United Nations chief Antonio Guterres, Zarif said that any glld action would be "illegal and a form of piracy," according to a foreign ministry statement. Maduro blames Washington and Guaido for being behind the raid.

It was an Iraqi flag, and Fatlawi unfolded it like unwrapping a Christmas present, then ordered a "Pepsi party" in his air-conditioned office while his officers jury-rigged a flag pole. Zarif added that the US would be responsible for "the consequences of any illegal measure.

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Sadr called the eescort interim Iraqi government "illegitimate," and promised to "continue resisting oppression and occupation to the last drop of our blood. The scene in Sadr City came a day after Sadr called on his followers to rise up against the interim Iraqi government and the foreign troops that remain in Iraq, reversing his stance. To encourage a greater sense of independence, Chapman scheduled escott stop at the Habibiya police station to deliver a gift to the chief, Maj.

Chapman grimaced, but indicated those supplies would now come, if they come at all, through Iraq's Interior Ministry. Earlier in the day, commanders received information from informants that Sadr's militia, known as the Mahdi Army, intended to end the cease-fire reached June 4 after two months of intense combat with Esscort.

In other regions of Iraq, more seasoned guard units have been given high marks by U.

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Zach Swanson, 24, of Chicago. The Iraqi National Guardsmen who displayed the Sadr poster said they did so under threat of attack, and as a group they provided a useful security perimeter for the U. Many of Sadr's surviving militants congregated in Sadr City, a desperate slum of at least 2 million people named for Moqtada's slain father, a revered ayatollah. The Iraqi police and national guard, then known as the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps, fled rather than fight.

The Iraqi soldier, part of a nascent security force trained and funded by the United States, held Sadr's picture aloft for a gathering, cheering mob. In addition, the neighborhood children refused soldiers' offers of candy, dispensed from cargo pockets. Chapman, Swanson and the interpreter, who kept the bandanna firmly on his face, sipped the cold sodas on couches lining the walls.

The antique dials and switches on the control panels gave the room the feeling of a vintage James Bond movie. Only recovery missions and escort operations can be carried out without Iraqi soldiers present. Car repair shops lined one side of the busy road, and on the other a ditch the size of a football field opened up where a street once ran. In the ensuing gunfight, the car caught fire but did not explode. emerged from the roide stalls, carrying a cardboard poster of Moqtada Sadr, the Shiite cleric whose strident criticism of the U.

Venezuela's economy is in the midst of a free fall, battered by mismanagement, corruption and US sanctions, and with millions of people fleeing as they lack basic goods. The three men inside the control room appeared unhappy to see Chapman, who greeted them politely before asking to see their handwritten logbook charting the amount of electricity going to each neighborhood.

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The Ckast fuel arrives as Venezuela faces an acute scarcity of gasoline as the country endures the novel coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday, in the city of Baqubah, 35 northeast of Baghdad, Iraqi National Guardsmen discovered a car bomb and two passengers fitted with suicide vests. Lower profile in the streets The mixed messages left uneasy the soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division based on an Army post at the edge of Sadr City.

He brandished a thick stack of Iraqi dinars from his pocket to illustrate the point. Washington has also sanctioned individual Venezuelans and Iranians.