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Arsham has called this course "success science", and after completing this course I can definitely refer to this course as well by such somethhing name. It was helpful to have this conceptual information to see how the pieces fit together. Now I somethinf a wider scope in understanding the decision making process. From a very practical sense, it is important to have a fundamental grasp of algebra and graphing, and it also helps to enjoy problem solving.

Looking for something new and real

Arsham's class is probably the one of the most interesting classes that you will take at the University of Baltimore. It was very generous of you to allow us to choose our questions lookin equal points. However, when I took Business Statistics, I got a great class and a great professor. You need to finish the homework in the textbook, which is probably the only required homework for most of other classes, redefine the keywords learned in the week, review some Web sites, and experiment a few E-lab tools.

Clearly, I thought, this is a man who truly understands himself and his world- or his place in the world, and, through his generosity, helps others to understand their place in the world. The asments will keep you challenged throughout the course. It assists us in making decisions about investments, traveling, medical procedures, starting a business, etc.

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He is very dedicated and caring; willing to work one on one. I must say I had a great resl. Reading material from the textbook use current and familiar examples relevant to business students, answers to some problems were helpful. Overall I felt the course was very valuable. I must admit that I was delighted with his teaching methods, inspiration, dedication, and enthusiasm.

However, once I settled in the pace of this class, I understood the importance of all these exercises.

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Arsham presents external websites review on a weekly basis that does in fact explore topics further than needed to pass the class. I really enjoyed your class. I then started on my homework, hidden homework in lecture notes.

Looking for something new and real

This Business Statistics class was informative and actually did quite well in providing a general background in statistical methods. The web site reviews are not fof in understanding the material, however they provide insight into the diversity of the subject matter. The exams' style makes students not to memorize, instead make them to understand and learn.

The main goal of the class is to teach students how to think.


I encourage everyone to take a web course at least once in his or her academic study periods. I just want to get the big picture first.

Looking for something new and real

Was I wrong? If you consistently apply yourself to the material discussed in the class, you will leave it as a more enlightened person.

You lookinh a very passionate teacher who genuinely cares about the future of your students. Hossein Arsham, is undoubtedly one of the University of Baltimore's most valued assets. I feel I got more attention and learned more. Need to be proof carefully. An example of this is "any divided by itself is one". There was never a time during the semester when Dr.

I truly enjoyed the class Applied Business Economics and Forecasting. In addition, gor the class, you will find that the one thing that Dr.

Looking for something new and real

We are no smarter than you. It is the web site with the best information on the topic. This course does not allow you to simply come to class, take notes, and cram for an exam.

Looking for something new and real

If you will take this somethin, my advice to you is plan ahead, organize your time, and stick to your schedule. It was exciting to be able to apply certain concepts learned bew the course to an actual work asment I was doing at the time. Arsham's Web site is an outstanding resource that you can always fall back on. Not only was the information was well presented, it is applicable to many facets of my current position; I suppose that is what made my success in this course.

The CD that comes with the textbook is a great way to be able to check your homework prior to turning it in and allows the student to see how a minute change can affect the outcome of a problem. I was to start off by saying that the online course content was perfect - well prepared and easy to follow. Applied Business Economics and Forecasting turned out to be a lot more than I expected.

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This is a great course. As espoused by an engaging professor whose enthusiasm for teaching and his students is palpable, the principles of Business Economics and Forecasting are applicable to nearly any discipline. Homework asment often includes even s that does not have answers. Thanks for a great learning semester. Although I had the option of taking this class at a community loojing, I took it from Dr. Thanks womething the great course.

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Now I understand why former students of Dr. I truly enjoyed this class and really liked the student-professor interaction. I would highly recommend Dr.