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Some of them had been published ly in periodicals directed at a primarily black readership, in the feminist standard, Ms. My reaction to the book was complicated. Some of the stories I judged professionally. On the same professional basis, I liked ''Roselily,'' a stark tableau of a wedding between a Northern Muslim and a black Southern woman. But my reaction to other stories forced me out of the shelter of professional detachment.

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And it's just. She had little to say about publishing. She eschews the outline and other organizing techniques, and believes that big books are somehow antithetical to the female consciousness ''the books women write can be more like us - much thinner, much leaner, much cleaner''. When a black woman looks at the world, it is so different. The youngest daughter, Ruth, is taken in by Grange, now returned and transformed by time and experience into a wise and saintly old man.

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benx That the other woman, Shug Avery, should fall in love with a man gives any such message a counterpoint. The apartment, a four-room, third-floor walkup, is in close proximity to Divisadero Street, the main thoroughfare in the black ghetto many San Franciscans maintain does not exist.

The book made me see an error in my thinking about Alice Walker. All I ask is that you are generous in return and both of us enjoy pleasure She had never seen her grandfather so anguished. I was moved deeply by ''The Welcome Table,'' in which an old, dying black woman is expelled bodily from a white church, but meets up with Jesus on the highway.

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Though black women have religiously read every black male writer who came down the pike. On the tape, I hear her talking of her own reaction to her beloved Zora Neale Hurston: ''I can't remember all the times that I would be apalled by some of the views that she held. Her speech, ''Saving the Life That Is Your Own,'' deposits the question of differences between literature written by blacks and whites into the appropriate circular file.

There is plenty of political consciousness, but it emerges naturally from the characters, instead of being thrust upon them. I look forward to hearing from you soon. She planted a hundred fruit trees around the house, just as her mother had ''routinely adorned with flowers whatever shabby house we were forced to live in. And she attacked on their behalf the con men of the revolution who: ''. I had picked and chosen aspects of her, deciding which I would respond to, which I would not.

And never blaming hisself done made him weak. I did not resolve to imitate her - I had enough sense to know that her way was not precisely mine - but I did decide to emulate her.

South bend guy seeking black gal

My reaction to the book was complicated. I worried for her.

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It seems necessary for me to forget all the titles, all the labels and all the hours of talk, gql to concentrate on the mountain of work I find before me. But there is also much that dismays me.

South bend guy seeking black gal

The description made me fear the book would be as disted as ''Meridian'' and as polemical as most of ''You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down. And I went to Georgia and I went to the cemetery and I laid down on top of his grave.

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One unsatisfying piece, ''Coming Apart,'' through its complex publication history, hinted at what was going wrong. I was brought up to look at things that are out of t, out of balance, and to try to bring them into balance. Her descriptions are elegant. I need a word that is organic, that really comes out of souty culture, that really expresses the spirit that we see in black women.

But I had also been terribly disappointed by ''Meridian'' and the collection of short stories that followed in''You Can't Sotuh a Good Woman Down. Speaking of the difference between himself and his son: ''But when he become a man himself, with his own opportunity to righten the wrong I done him by being good to his own children, he had a chance to become a real man, a daddy in his own right. It was your contempt for me that made it impossible for me to forget. I think Jean Toomer would want us to keep its beauty but let him go''.

Several months ago I received a long letter from one of Zora's nieces, a bright year-old, who explained to me that her aunt was so proud that the only way the family seeling guess she was ill or without funds was by realizing they had no idea where she was.

South bend guy seeking black gal

But other excesses are more troubling because they form, it seems, a pattern indicating Alice Walker has a high level of enmity toward black men. She was not the type.

South bend guy seeking black gal

I had read that it was an epistolary novel, with most of the sekeing written by Celie, a black Southern woman, the victim of every virulent form of male oppression short of actual femicide, who eventually finds true love and orgasm in the arms of another woman. But then I realize her voice has taken on a certain rhetorical tone, and it makes me angry - because she herself is not yet I don't want to set here now numb to half the peoples in the world.

His speeches, never preachy, always set perfectly in context, ring with complex truth. However, unlike a of reviewers, I was bdnd more taken with Alice Walker's first novel, ''The Third Life of Grange Copeland,'' published inin which a black sharecropper, enslaved by circumstances and eternal debt, breaks free of the destructive cycle at the point where he would have slain his wife, who has betrayed him with the white landowner.

The black movement, with which she still identified, was split on questions of anti-Semitism, integration, class, region, religion and, increasingly, sex.

Yet Alice Walker, in her time, has produced some crackers and some grape juice, and that surely must show up in a collection such as ''In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens. The women's movement, of which she was perhaps the most artistic and evocative contemporary spokesperson, was increasingly being accused of racism, and seekint factions of its own.

But those few seem to be reviewing their own conviction that black men should have everything white men have had, including dominance over women. The epistolary form is perfectly suited to her experience and expertise with short forms - what in another book would have been choppiness is short and bendd.